Write, shine, and poetry

For National Poetry Day, I thought I’d share two pieces here that I had written at a recent Write & Shine session, where we explored the writing we do by hand. As always, it was a brilliantly inspiring creative morning.



It’s your personal font.
Shaped and detailed through years,
through broken bones, sprained wrists, and
The font changes to you
but not to the world.
Neat or messy,
scattered or uniformed,
it is the emblem of your strength, needs, quirks.
It shows more than you’ll ever let on
but the familiarity brings comfort to you
it is
your personal font.


John Hancock

Every time I’m asked to sign my name,
I consider who I want to be at that moment;
the creative, or the pragmatic.
A battle of the wills, I think the situation
makes the choice for me, yet I enjoy pretending,
imagining that I do have a choice.
My signature, like me,
is shaped by all around me and can
never be considered on its own.
Family, teachers, friends,
events, movements, timelines
that come together and shape my life,
my hand, my writing.
Every time I’m asked to sign my name.


By Álvaro Serrano, unsplash.com