It is not a secret that science fiction writers use their made-up worlds to dwell on reality, and I’m no different. Though my short story, ‘Life-Stills ©’ was commissioned by Mnemoscape with a specific theme of ‘In the presence of absence’, I also drew on something quite real to build the story with.


In recent years (probably due to growing older), I find that I’m more aware of how I’m affected by hormonal changes. It could well be that my body is so attuned to the hormones that the reactions get quicker, or it could also be that my body is releasing more hormones as some sort of age trigger. Whatever it is, it got me looking more into how much hormones play a part in our lives, in our actions. Suffice to say, hormones control everything in us. Whether it is for growth, hydration, pleasure, reproduction, or adrenaline for survival, we are slaves to it. There is a lot of information and research available on this, so if you’re interested, do go and read up. It’s fascinating stuff.


Life-Stills ©From all the information I gathered, I started thinking about how much our bodies rely on hormones, and whether we can control it. Adrenaline shots are already commonplace to provide shock to the system, but what if we could reproduce a state of being through a snapshot of our hormonal/chemical make-up of that specific moment? Think about the times when you were happy, scared, sad, or even angry, and think about how your body felt physically during those times. Now, imagine if you could recreate the chemical make-up of your body at say a happy point, while you were angry. Your body would physically not allow you to get enraged, because you’ll actually be feeling elated and light. Imagine the implications… and the applications!


We wouldn’t have the vulcans’ lack of emotional interference ?, but we would be able to control our emotional state, and wouldn’t that be incredible?

If you haven’t read Life-Stills © yet, go do it right now.
It is also part of the anthology A Suspicious Collection that is available on all major ebook platforms (coming soon in print).