Music to my ears

Music was my career for the longest time, in one way or another. And since leaving the industry, it has taken me some time to reconcile my relationship with it, and rekindle my love for the art form, leaving behind criticisms, fears, embarrassments… everything that points to the fact that I’m not good enough for it.

Becoming a writer made me realise that I love literature in a very different way – in a way that is more open, warm, and accepting. It only highlighted that I had placed more emphasis in the skills and techniques involved, and I couldn’t just love music for what it is.

Many who know me personally also know that my husband is a musician by night (technology project manager by day). I’m grateful that through him, I’ve remained in touch with music. That through him, I’ve slowly learnt to appreciate music for what it gives to listeners and music makers – fulfilment.

My journey with music is still young, and I have still much to learn, to let go, and to appreciate. But in the meantime, I want to share two songs with you, both duets that were recorded and produced by my husband, one of which is an original composition. When we recorded these songs about five years ago, I felt determined and tried, through the recording process to be the ‘professional musician’ I always wanted to be. And when I first heard the recordings, I felt embarrassed with my own voice and lack of singing ability.

Five years on, I hear things differently. Here are two lovely songs that I’m proud to be a part of, that I think that many of you would enjoy.

What art doesn’t have its flaws? If we dwell on the negatives, we’ll shy away from creating more, which is the only way for art to improve.