This is a very short story.


I spoke with Odin and he loan me Mim so that I may seek his counsel about what a girl like me should do.

When Mim heard my question, he laughed and said, “Be mim.”

I was confused, so I asked, “Be Mim?”

He said, “No. Be mim. Now return me to Odin so that I may be in peace.”

I tossed him towards Odin, who batted him around with his furry black and white paws for a minute or so. Then he settled on the sheepskin rug, curled around the mouse head, cleaning himself for another nap.

I shrugged and continued working on my computer, sure that I’ll figure our what Mim had meant in his advice sooner or later.

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Norsk mythology
Odin is holding the head of Mimir (who is also known as Mim), the wisest god of Aesir who had died at war. Odin is known to have preserved Mimir’s head for his knowledge and counsel.
Yen's cats
My cats. That’s Odin looking at the camera and Freya sleeping next to him.