I open at the close

Found this on devianart… really liked it, so am sharing here. 

So, the end of the world is nigh, we are told. Or by the time this post is published, it should be here! What does it all mean?

Actually, I don’t even know what the Mayan prophecy says or what its interpretations are. It did however make me think about the relationship between fiction and life.

Do you ever think about the fictional characters you read about, or even create in your imaginations? Do they have a life outside of your imagination? What happens at the end of the book? What happens after ‘they live happily ever after’?

If prophecies are in any way true, it would mean that our lives may be like a work of fiction. Someone (a prophet, perhaps) talked or wrote about our lives… and hence we live it. So, when they finished their story, or ran out of paper, what happens then? Do our lives just stop? Do we start again from the beginning?

Well, it’s an interesting thought, don’t you think?

Whatever happens tomorrow, I’ll be celebrating my 10th wedding anniversary… and if the end of the world happens, then it’ll be an even more memorable day! If not, we shall be feasting as the first of the many Christmas dinners have begun.