I need a TARDIS

Somehow, when things happen in life… they happen all at the same time!

I can’t believe how long it has been since I last blogged.  :(  Totally not due to not wanting… but I just didn’t have any time to.  Dr Who… where are you and your TARDIS when I need it!  :)

Anyway, we got a new bed (finally, after 2 years of sleeping Japanese futon style on the floor), a new book shelf (which I have fully organised and am a happy bunny because of), we’re selling our piano (which is being picked up on Saturday) and I’m trying to get through my office work, constantly distracted by the book in my bag (to read) and the plots in my head (to write).  So… a bundle of distraction… I am… at the moment!

Good news is, we have a friend staying with us from tomorrow, who is here from the UK!  It means that I’m putting away Thursday night, Friday night and the whole of Saturday for a good ol’ catch up!  Oh… and of course for a spot of sightseeing or two.  Can’t wait!

I’m also posting together with this blog a new piece of writing, so go check it out.  Can’t think of a good title for it yet…

So… the short of the long, or the long of the short… is that I am nodding off typing this and am itching to get this uploaded, so… have a lovely night people and keep reading!