In response to all the crazy news from around the world, I want to say that I’m not Christian, but I enjoy celebrating Christmas. I’m an immigrant, but I feel home as a Londoner. I am of Chinese ethnicity, born in Malaysia, but English at heart – if I were to label myself. But hey, why not let my yellow skin and half-shaved head speak for itself? I like to express myself in different ways, and guess what, we all do.
We are all nuts here.
So, you know what I like to do during these crazy days? Read and write about all these crazy things we know as ‘being human’. I take solace in fiction as there, when someone does something stupid, it’s only a character that gets hurt, or killed. But at the same time, in that ‘safe environment’ we can learn about the various types and levels of crazies that can help us navigate the real world better. We can also teach each other and explore how each of us would react to situations. We can experiment in fiction without hurting each other.
Try it. Read, explore, test your boundaries, find out what others would do. Do it safely and peacefully. Read a book.
And that whole I love Christmas thing? I really do. And why did I bring that up? Well, Christmas is coming and if you want to consider a good gift for your family or friend, why not get them a book? It doesn’t hurt to share a good story.


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