Blossoms in publishing

Since returning from Tokyo in 2011, I’ve been spending most of my time researching, learning, and gaining experience in publishing. Initially, it was to support my own writing – and it still is – but, the last few years have also led me to a different place… a place that I wasn’t really expecting.

Things are starting to come together now and in the next months, I’ll have interesting announcements for you. I can’t wait to let you know, but I’ve got to keep mum until things are ready!

In the meantime, I can tell you that my hope is that my new ventures will be like blossoms in publishing – fresh, new… something that everyone will come to love and look forward to.

Sakura round

I know I can’t leave you at this state, so here’s a sneak preview of one of the things that’s to come: my new book A Suspicious Collection: of short stories, poetry, and drawings (click on link for a peak of the book cover). It’s nearly ready to be read by you!

Till my next post, go forth and create, think, do!