A Young Girl’s Imagination

I wrote this science fiction poem for my first spoken word event – Spoken World. I thought it’ll be a nice one to share with you on National Poetry Day. Before doing the event, I had spoken with a brilliant spoken word artist and asked for his advice on my first performance. He said that I should open with something I know… something personal that would make it easier to perform.


So, I wrote this, a little something from my childhood.


A Young Girl’s Imagination


I knew that there were at least two of me
in this vast universe we live in.
A little girl, with black Cleopatra-style hair, I see
that when I dream my other self wakes.
I stuck to this knowledge for the longest time
until I thought it through logically,
I would mime,
pretend I was another me.


I would sleep and enjoy dreaming,
knowing another me was awake.
Then I started thinking…
of the hours I slept and she would wake.
Eight hours in twenty-four was all I’d take.
She didn’t have much of a life!


I would sleep more, but not always do I dream.
When I lay awake, I would think
of other ways to let her live
a little longer
each day.
That was when the third me came,
that made sense.
There must be three.


For in 24, there are three eights,
in 24, we can share three dreams,
in 24, we help each other.
So when awake, I would be thankful
for my other two, taking turns in their sleep.
When asleep, I would be thoughtful
of the other two, living.


I would think of who they may be,
Chinese like me,
or foreign like in the TV shows.
With one sister like me,
or large families, or alone.


But most of all, I used to wonder, if
they ever thought of me.
If they knew I existed
in this other world that is sometimes fun but sometimes tormented.
I wanted them to know of me
but I didn’t want to force it on them.


Though I couldn’t reach them,
it was comforting to know them.
To know that they were there,
that they were me,
and will always be.


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