A place where we go, but do not talk about…

Between sanity and madness is a place that most of us sit, but ignore. We pretend and show the world that we’re like everyone else, yet we do not acknowledge that everyone else is also in the place that we are, between sanity and madness.

Jane McCulloch’s anthology of verses quietly draws us into the space that we all know so well, but hush up within us. And she tells us with printed words that it is ok to be who we are.

I read Between Sanity and Madness cover to cover, smiling, nodding, crying, grimacing… agreeing. I know that it’ll be a book that I’ll be going back to often – to pick my favourite verse of a moment, past, present, or future. If you’re looking for something beautiful to acknowledge the moments of your life, and of the people around you with, then this will be an important addition to your shelf.