A little birdie told me…

To celebrate the launch of my twitterfeed on my website cover page, I have started a Twitter exclusive short story entitled ‘Money, Money, Money’. Every story entry is hashtagged with #moneyX3 so it’ll make for easy searching.

If you are new to Twitter or would like to know more about using it, Publishing Talk released a Twitter Cheat Sheet (http://www.publishingtalk.eu/twitter-cheat-sheet/) that can be downloaded for free.

The story has kicked off today and the general plot-line is already complete in my head, BUT if you fancy influencing me into changing certain things, I am all ears (and eyes). Feel free to message me on Twitter, Facebook or email if you would like to try and get the characters to do something you want. You WILL have to convince me first… but as some of my friends would know, my arm can be easily twisted with the right kind of encouragement. ;)

So, do follow Money, Money, Money on Twitter (#moneyX3) and contact me with any feedback, comments, thoughts, ramblings, complaints, encouragements, compliments, moans, etc etc etc